• Administration

  • Mr. Keith Galley
    Mr. Keith Galley, Principal - Email
    • B.S. Canisius College
    • M.A. University of Notre Dame
  • Office Staff

  • Mrs. Kathy Trowbridge
    Mrs. Kathy Trowbridge, Administrative Assistant - Email
  • Ms. Ruth Ballard
    Ms. Ruth Ballard, Office Assistant - Email
  • Ms. Mary Jane Toro
    Ms. Mary Jane Toro, Office Assistant - Email
    • B.A. National Louis University
  • Support Staff

  • Ms. Ann Marie Zemzicki
    Ms. Ann Marie Zemzicki, Guidance - Email
    • B.A. Yale University
    • M.S. Texas A & M
    • Ed.S. Barry University
  • Mrs. Agatha Wunderlich
    Mrs. Agatha Wunderlich, Resource - Email
    • B.S. University of South Florida
  • Mrs. Christina Badman
    Mrs. Christina Badman, Notre Dame ACE Academies Regional Director of School Culture - Email
  • Mr. Carlos Hernandez
    Mr. Carlos Hernandez, Notre Dame ACE Academies Advancement Specialist - Email
  • Mrs. Patty Ruppel
    Mrs. Patty Ruppel, Advancement - Email
  • Faculty

  • Mrs. Elaine Luker
    Mrs. Elaine Luker, Pre-K 3 - Email
    • A.A. St. Petersburg College
  • Mr. Justin Trowbridge
    Mr. Justin Trowbridge, Pre-K Aide - Email
  • Mrs. Julie Wintermeier
    Mrs. Julie Wintermeier, Pre-K 4 (VPK) - Email
    • A.A. St. Petersburg College
  • Mrs. Alicia Freitas
    Mrs. Alicia Freitas, Kindergarten - Email
    • B.S. University of Alabama - Birmingham
  • Mrs. Julie Roberson
    Mrs. Julie Roberson, 1st Grade - Email
    • B.S. University of South Florida
    • M.A. University of Dayton
  • Ms. Kristin Powell
    Ms. Kristin Powell, 2nd Grade - Email
    • B.S. Florida State University
  • Mrs. Regina Mesiano
    Mrs. Regina Mesiano, 3rd Grade - Email
    • B.A. Glassboro State College
    • M.A. Marygrove College
  • Mrs. Nancy Gundle
    Mrs. Nancy Gundle, 4th Grade - Email
    • B.A. University of South Florida
  • Mrs. Julie Blum
    Mrs. Julie Blum, 5th Grade - Email
    • B.S. University of Central Florida
    • M.A. University of South Florida
  • Mrs. Deborah Ryan
    Mrs. Deborah Ryan, Middle School Social Studies, 7th and 8th Grade Math - Email
    • B.S. University of Massachusetts
  • Mrs. Kathy Brenner
    Mrs. Kathy Brenner, Middle School English Language Arts - Email
    • B.A. University of Florida
    • M.A. University of Florida
    • M.A. University of Southern Mississsippi
  • Mr. Joe Blum
    Mr. Joe Blum, Middle School Science and Religion, 6th Grade Math - Email
    • B.A. Fransciscan University
    • M.A. University of Dayton
  • Special Area Faculty

  • Mr. Joe Harty
    Mr. Joe Harty, Physical Education/Athletic Director - Email
    • B.A. University of Tampa
  • Mr. Bob Tassinari
    Mr. Bob Tassinari, Technology/Maintenance/IT - Email
  • Ms. Kathy Blue
    Ms. Kathy Blue, Art/Extended Care - Email
  • Mrs. Lori Moore
    Mrs. Lori Moore, Music (Pre-K-8) - Email
    • B.A. Ashford University
  • Sr. Kathleen Luger, OSC
    Sr. Kathleen Luger, OSC, Band - Email
  • Mrs. Chely Hernandez-Miller
    Mrs. Chely Hernandez-Miller, Spanish - Pre-K through 5th Grade - Email
    • B.A. Midwestern State University
  • Mrs. Christina Ahmed
    Mrs. Christina Ahmed, Spanish - Middle School - Email
    • B.A. University of South Florida
  • Facilities

  • Mr. Fred Jones
    Mr. Fred Jones, Facilities
  • Mr. Juan Saldana
    Mr. Juan Saldana, Facilities