We employ a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, learned, kind, and moral educators. From Early Childhood to the eighth grade, the faculty is devoted to the well-being and success of every student. All members of the K-8 faculty hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degrees, and many hold Master’s Degrees. All full-time classroom faculty members are certified in the State of Florida to teach in their assigned instructional areas. They have been trained in the most current educational trends, and have the experience to implement the best practices in the classroom.

Mr. Keith Galley, Principal

  • Administration

  • Mrs. Erin Galley
    Mrs. Erin Galley, Principal - Email
    • Bachelors Elem & Special Education: Canisius College
    • M.Ed. American College of Education
    • Doctoral Candidate: American College of Education
  • Office Staff

  • Mrs. Mary Jane Toro
    Mrs. Mary Jane Toro, Director of Admissions/Office Administrator - Email
    • B.A. National Louis University
  • Mrs. Andrea Hoke
    Mrs. Andrea Hoke, Director of Finance - Email
    • A.A. St. Petersburg College
    • Currently enrolled at USF working towards Bachelors in Public Health
  • Mrs. Patty Ruppel
    Mrs. Patty Ruppel, Advancement Coordinator - Email
  • Mrs. Ashley Mosquera
    Mrs. Ashley Mosquera, Enrollment Specialist - Email
  • Support Staff

  • Ms. Ann Marie Zemzicki
    Ms. Ann Marie Zemzicki, Guidance - Email
    • B.A. Yale University
    • M.S. Texas A & M
    • Ed.S. Barry University
  • Mrs. Christina Badman
    Mrs. Christina Badman, Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - Email
    • B.S. Wright State University
    • M.Ed. Grand Canyon University
  • Ms. Emily Urban
    Ms. Emily Urban, Resource - Email
    • B.S. Bowling Green State University
  • Ms. Caitlin Drake
    Ms. Caitlin Drake, Resource/ELL - Email
    • B.A. John Carroll University
    • M.Ed. University of Notre Dame
  • Mr. Matthew DeNote
    Mr. Matthew DeNote, Technology Coordinator - Email
    • B.A. Barry University
    • M.A. University of Florida
  • Sergeant Scott Galley
    Sergeant Scott Galley, School Safety Officer - Email
  • Faculty

  • Mrs. Julie Wintermeier
    Mrs. Julie Wintermeier, Pre-K 3/4 (VPK) - Email
    • A.A. St. Petersburg College
  • Ms. Meg Wintermeier
    Ms. Meg Wintermeier, Kindergarten - Email
    • B.S. University of West Alabama
  • Mrs. Barbara Barko
    Mrs. Barbara Barko, 1st Grade - Email
    • B.S. University of South Florida
  • Mrs. Fabiola Sanchez-Kennedy
    Mrs. Fabiola Sanchez-Kennedy, 2nd Grade - Email
    • Bachelors of Psychology: St. Leo University
    • Currently working toward M.E. from Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Ms. Salome Bubolz
    Ms. Salome Bubolz, 3rd Grade - Email
    • B.A. Saint Leo University
  • Ms. Isabella Roy
    Ms. Isabella Roy, 4th Grade - Email
    • B.S. Illinois State University
  • Mrs. Julie Blum
    Mrs. Julie Blum, 5th Grade - Email
    • B.S. University of Central Florida
    • M.A. University of South Florida
  • Mr. Joe Blum
    Mr. Joe Blum, Middle School Science and Religion - Email
    • B.A. Fransciscan University
    • M.A. University of Dayton
  • Ms. Aleah O'Keefe
    Ms. Aleah O'Keefe, Middle School English Language Arts/ 6th Grade Homeroom - Email
    • B.A. St. Petersburg College
  • Mr. Joseph Kloppel
    Mr. Joseph Kloppel, Middle School Social Studies / 7th Grade Homeroom - Email
    • B.A. University of Nebraska
    • M.A. San Diego State University
  • Mrs. Karen Mace
    Mrs. Karen Mace, Middle School Math / 8th Grade Homeroom - Email
    • B.S. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Special Area Faculty

  • Mrs. Sam DeCaprio-Ewy
    Mrs. Sam DeCaprio-Ewy, Art & STEM PK-5; Music PK-4 - Email
    • B.S. Stetson University
  • Mr. Miguel Lumbrera
    Mr. Miguel Lumbrera, Physical Education/Athletic Director - Email
    • B.A. Miami International University of Art & Design
  • Sr. Kathleen Luger
    Sr. Kathleen Luger, 5th Grade and Middle School Band
  • Mrs. Julie Wintermeier
    Mrs. Julie Wintermeier, Art - Email
    • A.A. St. Petersburg College
  • Classroom/Aftercare Aides

  • Mrs. Caryn Gutierrez
    Mrs. Caryn Gutierrez, Bus Driver & Lunch Program Coordinator