Battle of the Books

2012-2013 Battle of the Books

Rules and Guidelines

  • Battle of the Books titles are selected based upon the Sunshine State Young Readers Award program.
  • The “Battle” will take place May  2013 in the school Media Center.
  • Students will compete in teams consisting of no more than 4 to a team (teams may be mixed by grade.)  Depending on the number of teams entered, “battles” may take place in “heats” with winners advancing to the final battle.
  • In order to be eligible to compete in the “battle”, students must have read a minimum of 6 books and passed the AR test for the book by April 26th.  At that time, teams will be chosen based upon the titles read by each students.
  • “Battle” questions will be chosen from A.R. quizzes.
  • There will be a bulletin board in the cafeteria to keep track of books read.  Each grade level will be assigned a color.  Mrs. Roberson will check the AR test results and post names on the bulletin boards frequently.


  • The “battles” will be done in a modified “Jeopardy” style.  There will be 5 questions per book that will be taken from the A.R. quiz for that book.
  • Students will be placed in teams of 4 .  Team captains will be determined by who on the team has read the most books.
  • Teams will be given a list of books that have not been read by anyone on the team.  It is up to the team to decide who, if anyone, will read those books.
  • Teams will use “Eggspert” lights to signify their ability to answer a question.  The first team to signal in will be called to answer the question.  The team will have 15 seconds to confer with each other before the team captain gives the answer.  If they answer wrong, the second team to signal will be given 10 seconds to have their team captain give an answer.  If they answer wrong, the third team to signal in will be given 5 seconds to have their team captain give an answer.  No further answers will be allowed after the third try.
  • Teams will gain points for correct answers and lose points for incorrect answers.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.


  • Books for the Middle School Battle (6th-8th) as well as the Intermediate Battle (3rd-5th) are located in Mrs Roberson’s room as well as the school library and are available for check-out.
  • Books can also be checked out of your local public library.